Boston: Duck tour, Fenway, and food.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

(I'd like these purple pom pom flowers all over my garden, please.)
The kids' grandparents were in town so what better activities than some duck tour action (hosted by Plucky Ruffles--complete with cheesy but semi-funny jokes... and was entirely self-deprecating which, let's be honest, is the best way to be) and a Fenway tour?  Some of his funnier jokes:
"Why is the road bumpy?"  "It's not your fault, it's not my fault.  It's asphalt!"
"What side of a duck has feathers?"  "The outside!"
There were others.  Oh, there were others.  But those are two that I remember, anyway.  
Really wish you'd have kept your eyes open, William.  
And glad Jordan recovered from Nathaniel putting his arm around him resulting in a big fiasco.  Did you know?  Teenagers DO NOT like to be touched.  You have been warned.  Touch one and suffer the consequences.

Lindsey = cute | Hubs = HOT

We learned stuff about Fenway that we had never known.  What a cool place that is.  Did you know that there is Morse Code on the Green Monster score board section that is the initials of both Mr. and Mrs. Yawkey as a memoriam to them?  You didn't?  Me neither.  But now we both know.  Also that random red seat amongst all the green ones?  That's where Ted Williams had a home run hit a guy (you might've known that one).  

That's William driving the Duck boat just before we crashed.  J/k, obvi.


  1. That looks like a very fun family day:)
    The kids are so cute:)
    Kisses and have a sunny day!

  2. Love the shot of the flowers.. gorgeous.


  3. Those purple pom pom flowers...I want! Your family is so incredibly beautiful!! :)

  4. I love Boston! And I love the Fenway fun facts. I didn't know either one, I love learning stuff like that! Looks like you guys had a marvelous time! xo

  5. How fun! Your kids will remember this day forever. I'd love a tour of Fenway and I don't even like baseball.

  6. the only thing missing from your glorious day in boston = me. looks like a very fun day.

  7. These photos are amazing!!! And I love BOSTON! xo

  8. Fabulous photos, looks like a wonderful time! Your family is just adorable. Those purple aliums are so pretty!

  9. wonderful pictures you and your whole family look so happy!
    keep smiling ;)


  10. I have never seen those purple flowers before, I love them! are they really called pom poms? I'm going to google them!

  11. How cute! William looks a little like his gramps. I love love love Boston! The duck tour was my favorite!

  12. I ADORE those purple flowers... they are just perfect!

  13. great pictures!! i love boston!

  14. you have such a sweet little family. and AHHHH i want to go to fenway SO bad! someday. i will go there. and attend a red sox game. and it will be amazing.

    also, those purple flower are RAD.

  15. Your weekend sounds outstanding!! Not to mention your family is completely beautiful!! 4 kids lady you are a rock star!!

    P.S. those purple flowers are stellar would love to have some of those!

  16. Ah! looks like so much fun :)
    I hadn't noticed this before (very observant, right? no.)
    Three boys and a girl, the girl being the youngest...
    Just like me!
    If she doesn't love yet, she will.
    And she'll secretly love the fact that they threaten to torture any boy that comes around for her... she will :)
    It just shows they love her.
    So sweet.
    And i Love love love your story :)


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