and this is just worth sharing even though i already said bye for the weekend.

Friday, June 11, 2010

i first read the story here and found an article here.

doubt this has happened for hubs and me.  
ya know, we've got a bit of an age difference.
maaaybe my mom was pushing me in the stroller while husby was 
heading off on the rollercoasters at disney?  
maybe mom was breastfeeding me on a bench in disney 
while husby was getting wasted in disney's "china"?
well husby, glad we found each other now, anyway.
don't think you would've thought me in my onesies were real sexy then.


  1. :) LOVE THIS.

    my mom and pops are 16 years apart.

  2. cute and funny:) Great photo:)

  3. Me too! Yay! First of all, this story is amazing. Second, my husband and I have an 8 year difference. it doesn't seem that much, but it is always fun to think that I was just starting elementary school when he was learning to drive.

  4. I heard this story the other day! I cannot believe it!

  5. how crazy is that?! i love this story.


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