Oprah, I usually got your back.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dear Oprah,
You know I always have your back.  Even with this no phone zone thing.  And the dolphins?  I got your back there too.  And girl, the texting, I sooooooooooo get.  Type and drive?  Stupid.  But no talking, not even on a bluetooth??  You might've lost me there.  Fine, all the chit-chat-what'd-you-have-for- dinner-last-night can be put to a stop, but sometimes we need our phones.  Anyway, the real problem is this and correct me if I'm wrong:  But, do you drive yourself everywhere?  I got a sneaking suspicion that you are hopping in the back of a big black Escalade and being dropped off where you need (maybe not all the time)--all the while chatting with Gayle about last night's Met Gala (or other more important things; no judgement, Oprah... I love you).  So, are you signing this pledge for good ol' Mike/Pedro/Randy your driver?  Is he now in the no phone zone?  Could you do me this... stay off the phone whether you're in the front or the back seat?  Cause us common folk would really feel more camaraderie in this whole no phone thing if that were the case.  Ya know, we don't have ourselves any drivers.
And please, if this somehow gets to you, let it not be the reason you finally invite me to the show.  Have you read my love story?  It's much nicer.
Love always,


  1. Yes! Good points all around! I didn't even know about the whole blue tooth thing. Dang.

  2. bridget, i love you so!

  3. I love her but I do agree with you completely...I think its hard for a person who does not live in the "normal world" to see what we all have to deal with...I have your back girl:)
    Ps: your love story....ahhh...I am almost finished reading it...I do a chapter a day and I always get a nice cup of coffee and enjoy reading it :)

  4. I'm not much of an Oprah fan. But I love your blog! Thanks for the comment on mine :) I use to watch The Hills (guilty pleasures) until LC left...she was my fav

  5. oprah can cram it. i can't believe you like her so much. no one should have multiple homes in one state (hawaii) and claim to care about the needy. ok, my rant is over.

  6. on the other hand, if she invited me to come stay in one of her homes, i wouldn't say no.

  7. Oh my gosh, I was JUST thinking that same thing. For sure she has a driver everywhere... for sure! I too love Oprah, and think this no phone zone thing is a great pledge, but it can't possibly affect her.

    Wouldn't you just die if she did ever read this? It's so cleverly written, I wouldn't be surprised!

  8. had no idea about this! this is definitely an "absurd" Oprah! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!!! Loving your blog!

  9. I'm pretty sure if your love story made it to Oprah, it would turn me into the blubbering fool these things do whenever they make it to Oprah. Not that it's not blubber-worthy now. It's just, she changes things.

  10. Ha loving your little rant :)
    Good points!!

  11. oh oprah... silly, silly oprah.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Yep, I'm not giving up my bluetooth any time soon!

  14. Hilarious! Girl, I can't stop reading your posts...they CRACK ME UP! You have got to be the funniest person I "know".

    I wish I had more than five minutes here and there to read through your blog. I have horrible time management issues. I just burned TWO batches of chocolate chip cookies whilst researching ALL the benefits of breast feeding. My sister's darn Kentucky in-laws think she's nuts...and Greyson's only three months old. And I'm not hatin' on Kentucky...that's where my grandparents were born and raised...and I've told you about all the siblings, all eight of them. If one happened upon a family reunion they would be disturbed at the lack of clothing being worn. I love me some Kentucky.

    Sorry, this more than you bargained for for a comment on an old post on a Friday. You are now dismissed to enjoy the rest of your weekend eve.

    Angie from Ohio

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