Judgement at the grocery store.

Friday, May 28, 2010

I try not to be a judgemental person.  But sometimes my mind just goes there, unbeknownst to the rest of me, and suddenly, I'm judging.  It goes something like this:

I do a lot of "cart evals".

Beep.  Beep.  Beep, goes the scanner as the person in front of me readies herself to pay.
Soda.  Beep.
Doritos.  Beep.
Non-organic beef.  Beep.
Twinkies.  Beep.
Cinnamon rolls.  Beep.
Frozen pizzas.  Beep.

I tap the woman on the shoulder (after already sizing her up and being quite sure that her house is a mess and that her kids must stay home from school sick quite often.  How couldn't they?  Look at this junk!?).

"Excuse me, miss.  But do have you a thing against the periphery of the grocery store?  Did the produce offend?  Do you only peruse the middle aisles?"

Then I hand her the Omnivore's Dilemma and she goes off, thanking me for the enlightenment as my "beep-ing" begins.

Apples.  Beep.
Whole wheat bread.  Beep.
Yogurt.  Beep.
Asparagus.  Beep.
Strawberries.  Beep.
Milk.  Beep.

That's more like it.  Go me!

Shame on you, Bridget!  Pride is the biggest sin of all!

Disclaimer: I reguarly buy Tostitos, ice cream, and cookies.  Sometimes even potato chips - gasp!

Moral of the story: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone... ain't that the truth?!


  1. it could happend to anyone :/
    nice blog girl!!!
    kisses from Brazil :)

  2. Omg, Bridget...I am not alone! True confessions of a shopping cart evaluator. This made me laugh SO hard!

  3. Remind me to never go grocery shopping with you.

  4. It really could happen to anyone...I did happen to me too! Kisses and have a great Friday:)

  5. I mean:It....whats with my typing today...LOL...hahaha

  6. stumbled acorss your blog from another friend's blog, and thing it's just the cutest!


  7. honestly. same process...hilarious.

  8. Oh I judge people at the grocery store all the time...especially with the processed food. I always think do you really need to be buying that??

    I know it's mean but I can't help it!

  9. i used to BEG my mom to buy Wonder Bread @ the store, but she would always come home and say "They must have run out." or "They must have stopped selling it."

    Now I now she was lying for my health.

  10. Haha cute post. It happens to the best of us! No one should expose muffin top at the grocery store! gross.

    Have a great weekend

  11. Ok, here is my confession for the day, week and year. Are you ready? Ahem...last sunday, I wore my green plaid pajama pants (gasp!), hubby's oversized for me Toledo Rockets hoodie, flip flops (Still UT Rockets flip flops...at least they matched), no bra (note the oversized hoodie to hide that fact) and my hair in a pony tail. I did brush my teeth, thankyouverymuch!!!

    Anyways, I was looking like pure a$$ when I find myself in the checkout line behind the family from hell. 6 overweight kids, one stinky mother, 2 carts filled with nothing other than frozen meals & pizza, chips, pop, ho ho's, hot dogs, beer, pop tarts and NOT ONE STINKING VEGETABLE OR FRUIT!!!

    Oh I sure was judging and then, all of a sudden, I caught a glimpse of myself in a reflection. I zipped my lips, looked away, and silently told her off in my head. Then I went home, showered, got all dressed up and went to the flea market. I was the best looking (and smelling) person there! :)

  12. I really like the way you write! I once had a man come up to me in the supermarket to congratulate me on all the healthy choices I had made in my cart, that I was feeding my family right! HUH? I was like, thanks! (but thinking...please don't talk to me! ) :) Little does he know I have the bad stuff delivered...
    And, Angela's Ashes is such a powerful read...really enjoyed that!

  13. How many times have we all done it! Oh my. I am a student in college still, so it's not in the grocery store, but in the class room. Girls walking into class with their pajamas on. The first thought that comes to my mind is something along the lines of : " They must have been out late last night drinking... that girl looks like a slut" etc.

    Then I have to remind myself that I have woken up 15 minutes before class too, and not because I was out partying, but because I was up late studying for a test.

    Oh how we judge but are judged!

    Found your blog through your comment on Oh Hello Friend, following on Bloglovin' and am excited to see more of your posts!

    - Kate

    from: http://tarheellassie.blogspot.com

  14. Oh man, I do this too...isn't is awful that I get so much pride from a few bags of frozen broccoli and some greek yogurt?
    Ahh this is so true!

  15. I know what you mean... luckily my wife keeps me in check

  16. fantastic image. have a lovely weekend :)

    xo Alison

  17. I am well known for having these moments in the supermarket also, sometimes I get trolley rage when it is busy... eek!! Mostly my fiance does the shopping... something about the supermarket just grinds me??

    Just discovered your blog, the images are soo beautiful! I adore your profile pic too!

    I'll definitely be back

    :) Hazel

  18. i've never gotten the appeal of things like twinkies and wonder bread. seriously? i gag at the thought. but i've realized that, even though i love ice cream and brownies and things like that, i'm kind of a food snob. being raised in a mostly organic-foodie home has made me that way. i try not to be so judgmental when it comes to food, but sometimes i can't help it -- do people KNOW what they're putting in their bodies?! yucky. i have to say, going to the grocery store makes me REALLY grateful that i'm from a family that eats so well. thank you, lord! ;)

  19. haha i'm kind of judgy like that too, it's ok :)

  20. i am sooo with you. i totally judge people by what they buy at the store. and i always think it's funny to see someone buy toilet paper, frozen pizza and ice cream on a saturday night. must have those essentials! ha. i love this post

  21. so beautiful ♥!
    Elena, the spanish one

  22. that list of groceries she was buying explains the muffin top. but i have to admit that i don't always buy organic beef, so i can't blame her for that one.

  23. Hahahaha I think that we all do the sneaky cart evaluation to make ourselves feel better on occasion!

  24. great post. found your blog this morning!

    D E G A I N E


  25. haha love this! It's so hard not to judge sometimes and want the best for people. Cookies and cake are my guilt pleasure!

  26. Ok, well I'm going to admit that I judge people like you who only have fresh shit in their cart..."she must eat a lot because I couldn't keep all that from ruining in my fridge."

    So feel free to judge because we're all doing it :)

  27. oh my word...I'm laughing out loud! love this wonderful post!!


  28. Ha ha!! I do the exact same thing!

    What I love is people who buy 8 loaves of bread but nothing to go with. Or 6 boxes of cereal and no milk... 7 chickens, some soap and a packet of chips... what the heck are these people doing with this stuff when they get home!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today I had a little flurry of new peeps so I'm busy scurrying around the internet visiting everyone right back!

  29. Ran into your blog! I love the picture of this post! I know what you mean about muffin tops. But I don't have much to brag about on my end.

  30. Oh my word, muffin top! I did have a phase in high school where I notoriously showed off my 'Plumber's Smile' a little too often, so I have to show a little grace I suppose.

    However, I am the BIGGEST cart judger and always feel so smug when I have a cart full of nutritous, lovely things. I do feel bad when I see overweight or obese kids with parents whose carts are crammed with junk at the store. Sigh.

  31. i forgot to comment on this. i will just go ahead and say that i hate fat people. great post. now excuse me while i go eat peanut butter right out of the jar.


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