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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i tried reading this three years ago and i just wasn't into it.
i read a few chapters, put it down, and didn't pick it up again.
i think, if i recall correctly, elizabeth gilbert annoyed me.
(don't get me wrong, i am all about eatin', prayin', and lovin').

since the julia roberts is starring in this summer's movie,
i'm thinking maybe i'll try again?
(i really like julia).

and on the topic of travel....
steve and i gots our tickets for italy.
can't wait.

any other tips?
like say, both comfortable and attractive footwear?
a perfect backpack to bring?
the best travel guide to buy?
the cleanest toilets in rome?
the pizza we mustn't miss while there?
the quietest corner in florence where steve and i can make out without being seen?


  1. so funny - i just read it a few weeks ago and could barely make it through - she also annoyed me! rome was alright because i was just there - but i think she loves herself way too much. kbye!

  2. I love the book...And I could not put it down...I cant wait for the movie...I think that those types of stories are not for everyone...I bet if you would try it again after the movie...You might like it!
    Italy sounds great...We've been there a few times...You will have the time of your life!
    Kisses and enjoy your day:)

  3. You should ask Katie about my footwear choices during our trip in Europe. Lets just say I'm a firm believer in fashion over function. You are going to have a blast! Gelato...mmmm....

  4. Rick Steves is the way to go when it comes to travel books. His Italy book got us through our backpacking trip last summer.

  5. i loved the book, but i can totally understand how you didn't. italy!? woohoo! details? when, where?! i'd love to give some tips :) there's nothing like having a vacation to look forward to.

  6. She annoyed me too! I put it down after Italy because she stopped talking about food and I was just annoyed, but I haven't seen the movie.

    I am so jealous you are going to Italy!!!

  7. http://www.zappos.com/naot-footwear-dorith

    These are the most comfortable shoes ever. Anything Naot makes (especially with the removable and replaceable insole!) are incredible. Handmade in Israel.

  8. ahh! italy! sensational.

    1. -earth shoes. they're not the MOST attractive but they do have a lot of variety and they are definitely akin to pillows for the feet.

    2. i second the rick steves recommendation.

    3. ok- i didn't like elizabeth gilbert's book-voice very much either... but her adventures in india, italy, bali? they had me wanting to live vicariously through her. {the closest i'm coming to india this year is indiana. enough said.}
    then, too, i saw her TED lecture and she seemed so warm and likeable that i almost forgot about the annoying narcissism.
    so, give lizzie a try!

  9. Italy!! How fantastic!!! I really do hope you have fun darling! in who wouldn’t in Italy!…..have fun!

    And I cant wait to see the Julia Roberts I love her she’s one of my favorite actresses in Hollywood shes a classic beauty…………amazing blog♥

  10. That's funny, I did the same thing with the book. I'm about half way through, but just can't get through it. I feel dumb even saying that, since I don't know another person on this planet (until now) that doesn't just rave about this book. I too, am dying to see the movie- and maybe even delve into the book again:)

    Italy.. my husband lived there for a couple years, actually in Rome and Florence. He would have a good inside scoop. I'll ask and get back to you.

    Shoes- what about Toms? I sure think mine are comfortable... and cute!

  11. I still haven't finished it. I'm not even finished with the first section yet! Maybe I'll give it another try too

  12. oh,it´s funny... i red the book few weeks ago and... i loved it very much!!so- i wonder, why you didn´t???
    thanks for your comment
    and have fun in italy!!! ;-)

  13. I too am soo excited for Julia in Eat, Pray, Love! She's going to be fabulous.

    Also, so jealous of you going to Italy! Have so much fun!

  14. Didn't know there was a movie on this book!
    And actually...I've never read the book or heard what it's about, but it looks like something I should enjoy.
    Can you explain the premise a little?

  15. Restaurants you must go to in Italy:
    1. Monte Carlo: inexpensive, best gnocchi I've ever had, in Rome.

    2. Aqua al due: nice "date" restaurant in Florence, moderate cost

    3. There's also a pizza place and a gelato place in Florence that are both amazing...I'll get back to you with the names.

  16. i LOVE and always return to frommer's in regards to guide books.

    also, the knopf map guides are AWESOME!!!! they are little tiny books that are organized by city (so you could buy one on florence) and they have street maps that are amazing and so easy to follow. i get a couple for every trip i take.

    when are you going?

  17. i read the whole book despite the fact that elizabeth gilbert is incredibly irritating. i wouldn't bother going back to it. perhaps the movie will be better...

  18. thanks for stopping by...i went to italy and florence for two weeks in summer 2007 (i think there are photos on my blog) and my first thoughts are...

    *drink coffee...lots of it. italian coffee is soooo wonderful.
    *gelato and pizza were everywhere. we never had bad gelato or pizza.
    *i found that my small sling/side bag was much more comfortable all day than my backpack. (too hot)
    *i wore sandals made by {simple} and my tevas. we walked everywhere.

    you will love it there! enjoy your trip.

  19. Where did you decide on?? The footwear question is a beast. When are you going? I just brought one pair of sandals the last time we went over summer and it was perfect... (but now though sandals are broken and I'm forever hunting). P.S. The book IS annoying (it's not in your mind).

  20. No--I know it's crazy but I used to have these Payless sandals and I wore them for miles and miles of walking on different trips. The fake leather meant they were washable and they had a nice buckle so they looked cute with dresses. They've become the prototype for every nicer pair I've bought since, but I haven't found the perfect pair yet. The Salt Water Sandals are the closest to date, but they (like most of the cutest shoes) are flat and don't have enough cushion. Dansko is my next favorite because they actually have a sole that's good for walking, but they're a little "old lady"... try to pair soon and wear them for a while to see if you can tolerate them so you don't have to pack multiple pairs would be my tip. Easier said than done, right?

    It is true about shorts. Skirts are good if you're worried about heat, but as long as you find lightweight cotton for pants you should be fine. I just got back from India and had to wear long sleeves and long pants in 100 degrees, but I sort of loved never having the backs of my knees sticking. Still, you'd look great in skirts and sundresses! Maybe watch Roman Holiday for some Audrey-inspiration? Or one of the newer Tuscan-set movies?

    Sorry to be so long-winded!


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