a wish list of sorts.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

things requiring money:

{a trip to greece?}

things not requiring money:
-that my family lived closer (well i suppose this would cost them something.)
-that i was less controlling (it's true.  i have control issues.  that's for another day.)
-that gracie didn't shed so much.  the vacuum is always going.
-that i could be more grateful for what's going right and less annoyed with the things that aren't.
-that i had some fabulous idea for a novel and could then just start writing (tips, anyone?)
-that there was more time to just sit and talk and that life was less go-go-go all the time.
-that i see it through on my new year's resolution to work out more (not really working thus far).

what's on your wish list?


  1. My wish list does, unfortunately, involve money. In fact, I just wish for the money so I can even think about a wish list! lol. But the lack of cash does force one to look at the happiness we have that doesn't have a monetary cost and we all have plenty to be thankful for if we just look right? Thanks for featuring me in your wish list:>)


  2. My wish list does require a lot of money too! I love those Frye boots too I've been swooning over those forever now.

  3. I cracked up from the first line. "Things that require money"...love that. There are so many things I wish for that require money- mainly lots of it from Anthropologie (their big pieces of furniture in the store that go for over 2 thousand big ones) and trips and pretty things for the home.

    Not requiring money: I want to slow down all of the busy-ness I've had lately, its making me go crazy.

    I like that you can admit you have control issues. (I do too!)

  4. that fun tape!! ooh, i love it. my friends + i rented a house greece for this summer {santorini} and we have extra space. want to join?! ;)

  5. We want to go to Greece so badly. We always planned to go to Greece after we graduated but we are going to have to settle for something small.

    I love those boots.

  6. a blaaaazer, actually 2 :) love the happy tape...using that would totally make my day! plus you could wrap a present in simple white and it would look so fun with that tape!

    Bikinis & Passports

  7. my wish list: being with BCH. soon!

    also, your life is a novel. write about it.

  8. I agree -- you should write about your life! Look how many people enjoy reading about it here!! xoxo

  9. 1-A baby. I wish for this nightly. My womb aches. My heart aches.
    2-A husband who understands.

    Done crying today....thanks.

  10. that cake is TO DIE FOR. oh my goodness, i love it!

  11. Oooh! I have that Gap Blazer and LOVE it! And I have been longing or those exact boots for quite some time now.

  12. anonymous! who are you? i want to give you a hug!!! and i think a lot of people can entirely feel your pain (if that is any comfort). even though i dont know you, consider yourself hugged.

    those boots... i am hoping rue lala has a frye sale-- and then they are miiiiine.

    anyone need a rue lala invite? im your girl.

  13. I love the rustic cake plate! It's so cool :)

    On my wish list is to be more motivated and get to bed earlier :) haha

  14. oh sigh too many things...
    Im on a mandatory shopping hiatus... not nice!
    Thank you so much for visiting me and for your nice comment!
    I'll be coming again xo

  15. I am wishing for that rustic cake plate. Did I miss the point?

  16. Thanks for the cyber hug Bridget. I appreciate it. I was reading your blog on my lunch hour after getting some horrible news. Your blog caught me at a weak moment. sigh.

    After 10 years of being with my husband, 2 miscarriages and countless appointments to see what is wrong with my womb, he says to me, "I am not sure that I want children anymore. I am not sure I can handle this anymore." I say, "the trials of getting pregnant or being married?" He says, "a little of both!" Ouch. Thanks for listening. I am a frequent commenter on here, but for days like yesterday and today, I shall remain anonymous.

  17. buy the boots!
    go to greece!


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