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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

jordan: dad, i need new contacts.  i can't go to school.
steve: you can still go to school.

lindsey: i'm good at singing like a girl and like a boy.
me: i think you sound more like a girl singing like a boy.

gracie: whine whine whine.  let me out.  feed me.

(steve in the bedroom.  it's not risque, keep reading.)
picks up his cereal bowl on his nightstand to look behind it/under it, puts it back down and begins walking downstairs (towards that room called the kitchen where we usually put those things).  without the cereal bowl.
i politely requested that he come back for it.

william empties dishwasher.  yessss.  thank you william.

william cuts a box-top off the top the honey nut o's.
lindsey: box tops are not important.

i think about whole foods and what i need to get there today.  i also think about all the attractive one-piece suits there are.  also wish i had more granny smith granola from trader joes.  what's pineapple and yogurt without the granola?

i think too that i need to get some frames up on the wall.  have been thinking that since they day i got married.

thinking about making this for dinner.  only with chicken that was talked to sweetly before the time of its death though (for real).

no pictures for the blaahhhhg.


  1. Dinner cones sound great! Let me know how it turned out!
    I have a frame issue too...Somehow cant find the time to get them up on the wall!
    Great post,
    Kisses :)

  2. William sounds like a champ! Trader Joe's granola completes me, you know this.

  3. Definitely make those cones! I've been to The Mighty Cone in Austin and they are delicious.

  4. if ever you feel the need to give away a child, i will take william. grant and i went to whole foods last night and spent $70 on not that much food. he was displeased. i was in heaven.
    that recipe looks amazing.

  5. i'm 22 and i'm still the only one my mom trusts to empty the dishwasher, besides herself... if anyone else does it, the dishes are literally thrown into the cupboards. ;) and of course, i will still do it, it's totally habit to me. even when i lived in an apartment, i would do it whenever i was home. don't be surprised if william is the same way. ;)

    now i'm craving tjoe's granola so. so. so. bad.

  6. That recipe sounds yummy! Hope you post a review if you make it :) I just finished reading your Love Story- How Amazing!! I'm really enjoying your blog!

  7. Ooh, really liking this post!
    Little bits of everything around the house.
    So fun!

  8. Hah. The Lindsey exchange cracks me up. Hope you had a nice weekend!


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