love this song.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

i went through a major john mayer phase 
late high school/early college with his first two cds, 
room for square and heavier things, 
and then he sort of lost me with continuum 
and since then i haven't bought one of his cds.  

i went to one of his concerts too... 
where he tries to eat the microphone.

well, i love this song.  
still haven't bought the cd 
but the song safely resides in my itunes playlist on repeat.

the video is pretty cool too.


  1. Love this song and so happy to see the video for the first time. Oh John...he's a character. XO Katie

  2. I went on the same John Mayer late hight school/early college ride that you did. I was obsessed for a while there & then came continuum and out went I. & That whole "John Mayer trio" thing? What the heck was that about? Not interested. I have been picking back up on some decent songs here and there from his work the last few years & def. love heartbreak warfare :)


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