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Monday, March 15, 2010

oh modcloth, how you do it to me!

(the top one is my fave, and also happens to be sold out.)


  1. I love your (virtual) style! Every one of these dresses is adorable.

    Are you a big Modcloth shopper?

    I see so many people with wonderful things from Modcloth, but isn't it an online shop?
    That almost frightens me, to think of buying off the internet and not trying on clothes beforehand. But it's all so cute!
    How do your order clothes online, do you use your measurements or sizes, or what?

  2. I want them all! The top is my favorite too. The most important thing for me is being about to wear them for work and play. These are perfect!

  3. I like all of them. I can't wait for spring/summer clothes. I can't wait for outdoor activities.

    Great choices on dresses.

  4. i edit with imovie. hope that helps!

  5. wow. awesome. let's go shopping.

  6. Yeah, what is with the best ones always being sold out already? "We use small indie designers"...whatever. Work their fingers to the bone, we need more of those dresses!

  7. I've window shopped on modcloth before but never bought anything. The fact that they only have 'S, M, L' confuses me. Have you shopped there often? What do you think about sizes?


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