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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Liberty of London stuff has arrived at Target.  I saw one commercial for it--the colorful flowers swirled and twirled all over my TV screen beckoning me--and I knew I'd have to check it out during my once a month (or twice??  Who's to say, who's to say?) Target trip complete with the consumption of one while-browsing-personal-pan pizza-and-maybe-small-Coke-Icee-to-top-it-off.

Well, check it out I did.  And it is just as lovely as the commercials promised.

Some purchases were made.  Nothing for me though!  I feel proud saying that.  But, something for the house, hubby, and the littlest girl.  And people, here they are.

You done me real good, Target.  You done me real good (said in the voice of donkey from Shrek).

Then, it took me over an hour to get home.  Mind you Target is 15-20 minutes away.  From all the rain, roads are actually submerged and/or washed out.  Detour after detour after detour I finally made it home. In the words of Becca, stupid.


  1. That's sooo funny! I was just at Target yesterday (which I go prob like 3x a year) and my friend and I got sooooo excited for thsi stuff!!! love love love it, and tehy were sold out of a lot of it! Crazy. :-)

  2. Oh My goodness!! This is one of the shops i miss most from america. I love love love target.

  3. I meant to go to Target THE DAY the liberty line arrived-- but didn't get there until this morning. Most of the dresses and tops didn't look so great on my just-had-a-baby-and-still-breastfeeding body, but I may have bought a bathing suit. And a top. And a scarf. And a jacket.

  4. Why am I not in the states right now? Oh I hope there will be leftovers when I return! Most likely not but a girl can hope.



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