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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

find these beauties here.

love this DIY and i will DIM (my most recent blog-crush). original here.

i herald the many uses of modpodge.  these are adorable.

garland made from wool felt here.

the talent!  shop at ivie made.

leave it to martha.

my kitchen would look this neat for about 5 minutes.

i am determined to do some of my own things instead of just featuring ones others have done.  but it's rainy here in massachusetts, and really gray, and i'm not feeling terribly motivated, and i ran out of milk for my cereal so i topped it off with half-and-half and it was delicious, so what?

do you have any awesome DIY to share?  i am obsessed.


  1. I love that wreath! So springy!

  2. hey bridget! i love COLOUR! i absolutely do! and these are gorgeous! i love that first one and the wool felt garland has my heart!.. i want to hang something like that framing my bed.. we dont have a bed board.. just a mattress (just moved out on my own.. lol) so i thought it would just kind of create a nice picture instead of just a messy bed on the floor.. lol.. anyway back to the DIY.. my best friend erin ( did a lovely tablescape for spring and we photographed it.. not sure when she is going to put it up, but it might be fun to take some ideas from what she did.. i will definitely let you know when it's up :)

  3. oh i love! I'm getting so excited to decorate eggs :)

  4. Can you make me a wreath?! My door is so bare.

  5. ooh I love the pillow the best!

  6. oohh, that bow pillow needs to be in my life.

    and i spell certain things the european way - like colour, humour, favourite... some people think it's odd, but i just think it looks better! ;)

  7. Hooray! I'm a proud pillow mama.

    I keep meaning to make these:

    They could go in your not-neat kitchen :)

  8. olive juice -- i already love dandelionandgrey so definitely let me know when it is up!

    elizabeth-- that is a fabulous DIY that i just might be able to do (i get intimidated by a lot of them)

    kellyann--buy it!

    the rest of you--thanks for stopping!

  9. Such gorgeous inspiration! I love your blog! So many great photos and stories!
    xo -jamie


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