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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

i hate these chandeliers that builders between the years of-- oh i don't know... 1970 and... now-- felt the need to put in every single one of the houses they built.  we have one.  and we hate it.  it looks almost identical to this one, just a little smaller.

the chandelier still hangs in the office that i'm redoing, taunting me from its little ceiling home tempting me to rip it out of the ceiling and chuck it in the woods out back.  but, maybe i don't have to.

cause check this out.

take that chandelier.  

{images via here}


  1. so cute!!! i love redoing things. taking from nasty to wonderful. and the before and afters are amazing. thanks for your loveliness!
    britt {whimsy}

  2. ka-pow. look at that boldness. daring. love it.

  3. bridget: First, I bookmarked your blog a while ago when you mentioned it on facebook (fully intending to look at it later). So, because it starts with an "I" and so does my bank (ING Direct), it's next right under there. Accordingly, I have accidentally landed here many times since then when too-quickly trying to transfer money using an old (wicked old even!) laptop with a worn-out touch pad mouse! Anyway, that isn't a bad thing. I like it here. Second, I had a brass chandelier. Very similar to yours. I HATED it. Almost more than I hated the fake oak veneer doors that separated every room of my townhouse. Well, my mom did exactly what your picture shows. Only a more neutral color. Painted it with a wrought iron black Benjamin Moore finish. Oh, how the world changed! Now it is one of my favorite things in the whole house. I don't know how to send you a picture of it. Oh, yes I do. I'll email it. Presto. And keep writing on here. This is your job. And I thought you were selling stuff. That's a job too. If it's not enough, what about your old dog-training idea?? I'll keep unintentionally landing on your blog that comes after my bank, and I hope all the Hunts are well.

  4. I love them and I ESPECIALLY love the red!

  5. i saw that on design sponge too, it made my mind reel. oh, the possibilities!

  6. ohhhhh! May I suggest the color "grenadine" by Behr from Home Depot? We used it on a cabinet and just love it.

    Kick that brass in the ass.

    (sorry bridget's mom)

  7. We have a smaller version over our dining room table. Can never decide if I want to paint or replace! Maybe I can just have this red one? LOL :)

  8. btw iron and wine is playing on your playlist and i'm loving that as well.

  9. I love how the before picture could literally not be any more tacky. Is that one of those horrible baby cages in the background? LOL.

    I may have to keep this trick in mind when I start doing before/afters of our house. Start with beyond tacktastic.


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