A lovely night.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My parents were in town this weekend.  Never for long enough, but such is life.  My sister Meghan and her husband Brent hosted the six of us for a lovely dinner last night.  Lovely people, lovely ambiance, lovely food... I enjoy using the word lovely and lovely it was.

We celebrated my Mom's belated and my Dad's early birthdays since us Boston-folk don't get to see them on the actual day of birth.  We celebrated it over a lovely roasted vegetable lasagna, and lovely bread, lovely wine, and lovely sour cherry apple crisp.  Are you getting sick of that word yet?  Too bad.

And then, while the men watched some Olympics, the ladies danced.  We can't help but be extra inappropriate when my Mom is present.  The shock value is just too fun.  But--don't tell her I said this--the apples do not fall far from the tree.

Look at her act all coy.  Silly woman.  You can't fool your own kin.

When you grow up one of four sisters, you enjoy any attention you get.  Pathetic, really.


  1. :) Cutest pics ever.

    Nothing I do shocks my Mom anymore... it's sad, really!

  2. HAHA! i love that. so glad that you had a "lovely" weekend! :)

  3. you are adorbs in that outfit.

  4. hahahaha! i love this post! so fun and energetic!!! and i hear yea, i'm one of four girls too!! although we do pretty well with getting attention...we're all very loud and "friendly"

    such a wonderful weekend!

  5. I grew up with three sisters too....only, I'm the crazy one. =) While I'm making kissy faces and doing weird dances, they just look on and say....Oh Summer.

  6. Haha...these last pictures are priceless. Keep them forever!


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