It's true, it's true.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

{found here}

and it is so true.  
gah, i love dogs.
here's the one that's stolen my heart as of late.
gracie, to all of you.  peanut, to me.

(and if you've been reading for awhile, 
you'll be happy to know that the bone has seemingly passed without any trouble!  
yahoo for stomach acids!)


  1. aw I love dogs too! I'm such a dog person :)
    Your chipotle pictures are making me hungry by the way..I haven't been there forever and now all I can think about it a burrito and an Izze!

  2. I really liked your blog before. Now I think I love your blog! I have to admit that there are days that I like the dogs better than any human living in my house.

  3. buddy nusbaum thinks i am a queen ( shhhh, don't tell him different! )

  4. i love dogs too! I can't wait to move into a house so I can have a couple of my own.

  5. Awwww I love that first photo! "please let me be the person my dog thinks I am" It is so endearing, simple, and straight to the heart of what it is to be a good human, one that treats other species with the same love and care as their own. Lovely post ;)

  6. thats a great quote! I have had two dogs - they are so special. cute doggy you have! x

  7. I seriously love that quote, and your pup is too cute. Thanks for sharing!

    Danielle :)


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