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Friday, February 19, 2010

Lady Lee passed this Bogart Award on to me a couple of days ago and since I fear that in 10 years I will be a lethargic nobody, I've been reticent to publicize that information.  But, I'm going to dream big here, so bear with me:

I'll be 35 -- woah!  I hope my husband and I will have added to our already large brood of children but that we are still sane and giddy with love for each other.  And that we continue to date as much as we do now, which is a lot.  One of the best things about being married to this guy.

I hope my four step-kids (who will be 17, 19, 26, and 25 at that time) will be successful, confident, contributing members of our society and who treat others with compassion and kindness.  

I will be in a home--doesn't necessarily have to be the dream home--but it will have a tub big enough for my 5'10" frame without having to have either my knees or shoulders sticking out of the water at all times.  And a pantry off the kitchen with big steel restaurant style open shelving wouldn't be so bad either.  Ooh, and a second floor washer and dryer instead of the basement.  Okay, if it's my dream home, I won't complain.

Echoing Lady Lee, I will be making oodles of money because I am the most famous blogger in the world.  I cook some food, try a beauty product, endorse it, go to the grocery store, write about it.  They pay me.  

I have written and published something.

I've been to a couple more countries-- Thailand, China, Argentina, Italy... whatev, maybe I'm even a world-traveler.  No biggie.

Maybe I've met Oprah.  And we exchanged cell phone numbers.

I am content.

And that's all for now.

Now, the rules are I am supposed to pass it on to 10 bloggers.  I don't know if I even "know" -- in the blog sense or not -- 10 bloggers so I'll try my best.

1. Ahnika 
5. Mara

How's that?  7 is as good as I can do right now.


  1. Is it too late for me to add the Oprah one to mine?

    I really hope you have all of that and more Bridget!! :)

  2. ok, i've made my blog public for the sake of your devout followers in hopes that i can one day become as blog famous as you. it's a dream, but we all have to have one.

  3. congrats! :) awards are so fun.

  4. dream big, dear! all of that and more could *totes* happen. i'm pullin' for ya. :)

  5. I hope I have a fantastic home by then. And met Oprah too.

  6. On the bathtub thing...I'm so there with you. I'd like to feel the porcelain with all three: my butt, my thighs, and my feet. Too much to ask? I think not.

    Also, thank you for the tag. I must ponder.

  7. i love these kinds of lists. good luck with all of them!


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