Dear Massachusetts and dear husband:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dear Massachusetts, 
Today is a beautiful day.  I complain about you a lot.  It's really mostly your winters that I find ridiculously long--and your springs are a little too on the gray side.  I'd like a little more yellow.  But, I am going to put all that aside, call a truce, and tell you today that you have given us a gorgeous day of snow and sun and we are going to go sledding.  So, though it sometimes pains me to say it, thank you.
Yours truly, Bridget

Dear Husband, 
Why do you wear slippers when you snow blow/shovel/partake in outdoor activities involving lots of snow?  Do you not remember these beauties that you own (see below) that are so much 

more suited for this than your fluffy slippers that I bought you for your birthday?  It's really pretty silly.  But, I do love you regardless, maybe even a little more because sometimes it seems like there's not a whole lot going on upstairs, even though I know this isn't the truth.  And thank you fo
taking care of the snow.  William and Lindsey, thanks to you guys too.  Love, the one who cares about your slippers


  1. haha. silly snow. silly steve.

  2. I'm sure that in some way... the slippers make the most sense in this particular situation. (I'm not just defending him because of a man code. Honest.)

  3. Hey it looks really pretty outside the window, great photos!

    btw, you've been tagged:

  4. Hi there, just came over from Trishies blog.
    This is such a great post, dont guys do such silly things!
    I must say, having never been in the snow, those pictures look amazing! so beautiful. We have super hot weather at the moment, cant wait for it to cool down a little.


  5. And she's in her pajamas. Breaking two winter codes, not just one.

    PS. Is it wrong that sometimes I pop over just for the music? I don't think so.

  6. your photos are great! i guess your husband knows what's he's getting for xmas!

  7. e- not only is she in pajamas but its a one-piece pajama romper. oh those were the best.

    and coming just for the music - totally allowed.

    trishie, thanks for the tag. a little scared of what i'll find at photo #10.

  8. aw such pretty snow! It's great that you appreciate it. And your hubbie is silly but it's cute he wears the slippers..even if they do get wet!


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