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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Awesome, right?  I can see it framed on my wall now...
Found here but available here.

The color, the whimsy, I love it.
Found here.

Imagine how fun wrapping presents could actually be?!
Found here.

Mmm... and this.  Oh, this.
I realize it's all cool and hip and what not to like Pinkberry right now and while all of those things--hipness and coolness--appeal to me, I really do love the stuff.  Especially with raspberries and fruity pebbles.  Now, BOSTON, when are you getting one?!

And last but not least, Pandora.
I was a doubter.  I was not interested in seeing Avatar.  
My friend told me to.  I said no.
But I did, yesterday, by myself--going to the movies yourself is sort of magical, I think.
(Though I love my normal movie partner, he said that with 3D glasses he would've gotten motion sickness.  Sort of sad and funny all at the same time, right?)
Anyway... I loved it and I want to live there.  Any chance a place like this really exists and we could go check it out?
My other friend pointed out that it's a lot like the Dances with Wolves story.  He's got a point.


  1. I have that Boston print in my apartment! I lurve it.

  2. I LOVE Ork Posters! I have recommended them to so many people...how did I not tell you?! And Avatar...agreed!

  3. You're sweet! Pretty sure I just read almost your whole blog. What a beautiful, unique story you guys have. God is good.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. i love the boston print! i think i may have to get myself one :) xo!


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