Chipotle goodness.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chipotle is pretty delicious.  The husband and I went there yesterday.  Their burritos, however, are MASSIVE.  The size of a football, packed with food.  I got a chicken burrito, extra sour cream, and a clementine Izze.  Yum.

I saw an Oprah just last week called Food 101 with Michael Pollan.  I love Michael Pollan.  He's smart, he's a great writer, and he's normal.  All good things.  Anyway, I started reading more of The Omnivore's Dilemma (click on the link to get your very own copy!) afterwards with a renewed vigor.  And guess what I discovered?  Guess how many ingredients there are in McDonald's chicken nuggets?  Guess?  You never will.


38 ingredients!  At most I guessed there could only be like six or seven... you've got your "chicken" (put in quotes cause are we really sure?), and then your breading, some spices, some frying oil... okay that's only four.  But no, there are 38.  Seriously.  Michael Pollan said so, not me.

I've eaten those too.  I've ingested those 38 impossible-to-pronounce-things-that-have-no-business-being-in-our-food ingredients and probably enjoyed it.  Not again, says I!  The Big Mac on the other hand...

Anyway, Chipotle is one of the thumbs-up restaurants.  Nothing is ever frozen besides their corn.  Not bad.  Almost all their meat is fresh, and range-free.  Not bad at all.  It's delicious too. 

Funny story: I was at Trader Joe's once and this woman and her son were asking an employee if they sold "Izze drinks."  The employee looked perplexed.  She wasn't sure what those drinks were.  Well, since Trader Joe's is my second home, I decided to step in graciously and lend a hand.

"They don't have them."

The employee started then, asking what these interestingly named drinks are all about.

The woman started describing them, and the employee looked, again, flummoxed, if you will.

What are they called?

"Izze," the woman and her son said in unison.  The employee wasn't getting it.

"I-Z-Z-E," I spelled for her.

"I-Z-Z-Y," The woman and her son said indignantly, emphasis on the Y.

I didn't correct her and her son, though I knew they were wrong (see above picture).  Don't try me in a spelling bee.  You'll walk away empty-handed.  Anyway, I just mosied out of there knowing that eventually they will come across these delicious drinks again and perhaps notice their spelling and not be quite so quick to correct a spelling-bee champ and felow helpfull shoppr.


  1. you make me laugh out loud. bravo!

  2. did you mean to misspell that last word at the end?

  3. i mispelled 3 - come on now becca.

  4. First of all, you can't talk about Chipotle on your blog. I miss Chipotle, burritos, tex-mex, etc. more than you can even begin to imagine. I am salivating over here as I'm about to go have a dinner of over steamed mashed plantains and beans cooked in oil. Thanks a lot.

    Secondly, you do know McDonalds owns Chipotle, right?

  5. p.s. Steve is so cute in that picture:)

  6. Oh yum. I was just thinking how I need my 'mexican food fix'. I think I'll take a little drive one of these days. :)

    Xoox- Emily

  7. Oh! I LOVE Izze! And Chipotle! Now I'm hungry :/ Have a great week, Bridget! xo

  8. I love it. I would've done the same thing given that trader joes is my second home too!! Glad we share this.

  9. Trader Joe story is totally something I would do. Love it. Love Chipotle too when I can get there.

  10. I cannot love Chipotle with a full heart. We have a similar sort of place back home in Alabama...and I would feel disloyal if I enjoyed those burritos as much as I should.

    On the other hand, we have nothing like Trader Joe's back I'm in there buying five bags of granola at least once a week.

  11. i love chipotle! fab pics!


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