Such whimsy! Such color!... and an afternoon at Costco.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flipping through magazines, I am constantly ripping pages out and tucking them away for a dream renovation one day.  Make no mistake, I am content (most of the time) with everything I have now.  And I am blessed beyond measure.  But, a girl can dream, right?

This next home on Apartment Therapy sort of had me drooling.  The color!  The artwork!  The antiques!  The color (it needs to be said twice)!

It's true, I think, what I've heard decorators/designers say: "If you love it, use it, and it will all work together" (or something like that... I mean, I meet sooo many decorators in my daily life, it's hard to keep them all straight.  Right.)  This house makes me trust that statement.

{Like here for instance.  I'm not sure I would've trusted that an old oriental rug would've looked good here.  But alas, it works.  Oh, those silly designers know what they're talkin' bout.}

{One day I'd like a steel kitchen island like so, but only two or three times bigger than this one.  Go big or go home, right?}

{Such whimsy!  Such color (three times, now)!}

This house is somewhere in the Boston-area.  So, would they mind if I just showed up for coffee?


{Sure, they look cute.  But looks do deceive.}

I went to Costco yesterday evening.  It was that 5-6 o'clock hour where you're totally aware of the fact that everyone is home eating dinner and that's where you should be too.  But, kids needed to be picked up, husband was still teaching, and a tire needed to be fixed (Yes, at Costco.  They're a multi-purpose facility).

The two older boys had just finished b-ball.  They were hungry.  I understand.  Hunger is something I've experienced too, boys.  But, there was going to be dinner at home.  And $200 of groceries bought that very day.  Pizza at Costco wasn't on my radar.

One came close to tears.  The other begged.  And begged.  And begged.  The other tried to go back for a second sample moments after taking the first.  I tried to lose them--racing through the aisles before they caught which direction I was heading.  The other climbed up the tires in the tire section.

"Don't climb on the tires."
"I'm not."

My eyes were deceiving me, I guess.

"Pizza is just $2!"
"No, it's $2 times 4.  There are four of you."
"I'll pay for everyone!"
"You don't have any money!"

Begging didn't stop.

"I am dedicated to my 'no' now more than ever.  Otherwise, you'd believe this begging and whining worked."

"Can we get cinnamon toast crunch?" (in bulk, mind you.  It's Costco after all.)
"I don't do cinnamon toast crunch." (It's dessert, masking itself as breakfast cereal.)
"Why not?!?!?!?"
"Tell you what.  You feed your future kids cinnamon toast crunch until they are blue in the face."
"Oh, I will."

As we finished shopping and waited in the tire section I declared to them and hundreds of surrounding rubber-smelling tires:
"I will never come to Costco with all four of you ever again, so help me God."

And mark my words, it is true.


  1. haha!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness, i LOVE you in all your fabulous bridget-ness!

  2. The color! Lol. I love the last picture with the magazine rack and the colorcoded bookcase in the background. I could move right into that room.

    I stumbled on your blog via your comment on Cupcakes and Cashmere and its quite adorable!

    XX Niki

  3. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my faaaaaaaaaaave. You're such a mean mom.

  4. Love that house too. Do you mind if I show up with you? :)

  5. Rach, I'm fine with it... for DESSERT. But try telling my kids that if it were in the house. Riiight.

    Communikate- let's go!

  6. stumbled on your blog somehow, just wanted to say your story made me laugh!

  7. Wow I LOVE those pictures!

    Haha, re: the cinnamon toast crunch, that is totally something I'm going to say to my kids someday :)

  8. i actually said to kelsey just yesterday, "please don't give me parenting advice" after she told me I should only take her cell phone away during school hours (you know, when she's not allowed to have it on anyway/) and give it back to her when school is out. I laughed - a lot! i've said it before and i'll say it again - motherhood is like being pecked to death by chickens - but wouldn't change it for the world!

    xo cl (cousin laura until i set up a profile...which seems complicated but prob is not!)


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