snowy day thoughts.

Monday, January 18, 2010

thank you, mlk.
(and wouldn't he think it cool that we have a black president?
i know i do.  whether or not i agree with him all the time.)

gracie is still alive.  
as evidenced by this picture taken of her just a few moments ago.
has yet to upchuck a bone though (or have it come out the other end).

steve snow-blows in his pjs and slippers.
it's the massachusetts way.

no surprise here.
she looked gorgeous.  also, i think steve carrell should've won
instead of alec baldwin.  like them both, but michael scott is the best.
and what was up with the DOWNPOUR in L.A., ahnika?!
thought that never happened there.


  1. Oh my gosh, poor puppy. Seriously, though, dogs can get through A LOT. And then they turn around and cause more trouble ;-)

  2. it's non stop rain. but guess what? i don't send grant outside in his pj's to shovel it up in the morning. sucka.


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