hearts for haiti.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

etsy has compiled a bunch of their sellers' lovely items into a shop called
where 100% of the proceeds will be donated

there are some fabulous finds.  do check it out.
some of my favorites?

my little h will be showing up 
there soon too!


  1. I love the bare bulb. I have no where to put it, but maybe I'll buy it for a good cause. It would have a safe place until I can put it in my future house.

  2. Penn looked at those exact bulbs the other day and even called me into the room to discuss purchasing a set of three for the benefit of the Haitians and his long-desire to decorate with bare-bulb vintage lighting. Only he could decide to be obsessed with something so simple and so expensive at the same time. Seriously, he's been finding bulbs across the world that he wants. Some day, Penn, some day.


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