Don't hire a 9-year old to do your marketing.

Monday, January 25, 2010

William came home from school a bit ago.  He has been completely obsessed with telling everyone and their mother about the fact that I have this small (very small, smaller than he's even aware of) home art business going.  I think he dreams of big dollar signs to buy that yacht (for real, he's obsessed with the idea of owning a multi-million dollar yacht and talks about it like it's a real possibility) he's been eyeing.  His latest marketing victim?  His 4th grade teacher.  He came home happily announcing that his teacher would like me to make her a Silly & Sage something.

This should be interesting.

"What does she want, William?"

"A beach scene," he says.

I told him I don't do beach scenes, I don't have true artistic talent, free-hand painting is my not something I'm good at, and that this sale (that he, no doubt, would want a portion of) he had in mind just wouldn't be happening.

He really didn't get it.

Moral of the story: Don't hire a 9-year old to do your marketing (or, as the case may be, don't let them hire themselves).


  1. You could totally do a beach scene...sand on the bottom...water and sky on top...and then a seagull, or herron, or shell or something. You should give it a try! I have confidence in you!

  2. no way! i dont have any real artistic talent!


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