Say it isn't so & Bridget's favorite thing, no. 8

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This is my view at the moment and the snow is still falling.  Say it isn't so!!!!!  I can't say I'm happy about this.  The more time I spend in Massachusetts the less I enjoy winter.  I think S.A.D. is setting in (I've always thought it so appropriate that its acronym spells sad, since that's how you feel when you have it.  And I have it, I'm afraid.).  Arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

This is what I want.  And I would GIVE MY RIGHT ARM to be in this hot sun, this beautiful place, this glory that is Greece, right now.  I am going to need to work on my love of winter (my husband just reminded me though that it's technically still fall.  Winter hasn't even arrived.  I sweetly asked him to shut up).


But, in other news, Gracie is 8 months old today.

We really like her.  She has taken her place as my shadow most of the time (even following me into the bathroom, sitting, looking at me ("Gracie, this is really inappropriate," I tell her.  She doesn't care.  She does it anyway.), and then following me out when I am done), much like Allie was, and for that, I am really grateful.  So, as long as she's not grabbing a pen in her mouth, waiting until we make eye-contact, then darting away to run around and around the coffee table while we chase her, she's on our good list.

And favorite thing numberrrrrrrr 8!  Really raw honey.  So good, especially the little chunks of bee hive (or propolis, as it's really called, and you are allowed to be a smartie and call it that once you've owned some of it) that are at the top.  Don't be surprised though, it's not the liquid honey you're used to.  Try some.


  1. I could seriously use some of that honey in the tea I'm craving. I'm just about to post about this horrific weather too. Ewww, spare me New England.

  2. grant told me that gordon sent out some announcement about an alumni trip to greece and i said, "who is leading it?" he named some unknowns and i said, "we'll wait to go till steve and bridge lead." but i almost convinced grant skip switzerland, austria, and germany on our trip to go to greece instead. he promised he'd take me there someday.

  3. my russian friend ilya gives me propolis when im getting sick. its medicinal and shortens a cold.


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