Merry Christmas Eve.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve to you and yours.  The incredibly exhilirating, and exciting updates over the last few days of my life include:

  • celebrating my 3rd anniversary with the husband (I've made it three years!  In those three years, I've learned A LOT (some the hard way, some the easy way) but have definitely learned more about the crazy man I married and have fallen harder for him); #1 tip to making our life work (which it does, most of the time): frequent dating.
  • we've travelled to philadelphia and then on to williamsburg, where we are now.
  • spent $69 to get the family into the jamestown settlement in the cold, virginia air for about 3 hours.  word to the wise: not worth it (in fact, i think they'd have to pay me to see it a second time).  when i asked steve what he thought: "i LOVED it!"... it's a wonder we make this thing work.  i don't have nearly the appreciation for history that he does.
  • got gracie a gentle-leader today after we left her chain collar at my parent's house in pennsylvania accidentally and spent yesterday in williamsburg while she literally dragged and pulled us from place to place.  not fun for gracie and certainly not fun for us.  have a dog who pulls?  i recommend the gentle leader.
  • the last hour?  listened to the lovely sounds of shooting as the men-folk watch 'band of brothers' on christmas eve.  ahhh, the melody that is war.  and on christmas eve... perfection.  not.  another word to the wise: swipe the tv remote before the men get it.
  • had a haagen-dazs vanilla ice cream with chocolate/almond coating.  delicious.
  • watched the holiday last night.  love love love it.
  • asked nathaniel what his idea of a perfect christmas would be.  he said, "truth or a lie?" my mom said, "lie."  he said, "this (referring to williamsburg/history/family)."  teenagers... gotta love them.  but then again, he proceeded to say that his favorite christmas is a tv remote, sofa, and food... so should we be insulted?  i don't think so.
  • now i am going to go swipe the tv remote and watch a christmas movie with those interested.  
and like i said, Merry Christmas (Eve)!


  1. thank god you blogged. i was having withdrawals. happy anniversary you two. never have i known two people so wonderful for each other.
    sounds like the "gentle leader" is probably not all that gentle. PETA would have a fit.
    perfect christmas movie? a toss up between it's a wonderful life, a christmas story, and home alone.

  2. steve will only like you more since you suggested its a wonderful life. though he would say the toss up is b/w its a wonderful life and white christmas.


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