Happy 2010!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Though 2010 is indeed the year we are entering, it feels as though it is closer to 1997 or so here at my parent's house.  Why?  Oh, they use dial-up internet.  Yes.  Dial-up.  Just to post this here little blog took me a mere 20 minutes.  So, this is to account for my blog-absence.  I told my Mom this morning,

"My blog followers would really appreciate it if you got wireless internet."

That might be going a little far, but waiting 5 minutes for your page to open is like watching paint dry... cold molasses drip... water boil.  Painful.  So, maybe it's a lesson in slowing down this new year and not being so interested in instant gratification, the American way.

I still look forward to my wireless when I get home.

But anyway, happy new year to you!  Hope you are surrounded by people you love and people who love you tonight and everyday thereafter.

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  1. i was getting a little anxious considering your lack of posting....so, yes, tell your mom that your followers would appreciate it:)
    love you! happy new year!


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