Congratulations & Bridget's favorite things, no. 14

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm tickled, just plain tickled, to announce a lil' something about Dr. Hunt (I don't get the opportunity to call him that very often--except when I was his student, but that's for another day--so I'm taking it by the reigns).

{Doctah, doctah, tell me the news!
I got a bad case of lovin' you!}

The news is that my handsome, hubbalicious, hubby-of-a-husband (say that 5x fast) is the newest tenured faculty member at the college.  Yahoo for you!

I really am quite proud of him.

Being tenured doesn't actually get him a raise, so the backyard wildlife still is at risk to take a bullet now and then, but being that we're pseudo-vegetarians, they escape with their life most of the time.

Anyway, I'm declaring it on my blog for ALL THE WORLD (18 or so of you) TO SEE,
I'm proud of you honey.  And thanks for all the hard work.

This next favorite thing is seriously a favorite.  If only I owned it.

Here's the clincher... ready for it?  It's all one dress.  And it's called Butter.  Because, I think, when you put it on your body, it feels like buttahh.  It's $246, but think of it as ten dresses in one.  Making each dress cost a mere $24.60.  Now that, we can do.


  1. bridggggget! i found a pattern online to make this dress yourself but I CANT FIND IT. i'll keep hunting...hunt-ing.hunt. dr. hunt. congratulations!

  2. SO PROUD of steve. tell him i said so. he deserves it...and has for a few years, but i'm prejudice.

  3. Yayyyy Steve!!!

    (you must, of course, buy the dress and give it to him as a tenure present)

  4. Hey Bridget! I am a new reader and I am reading back through your archives. Anyway, I had my girls wear this as my bridesmaids in my wedding this past March. My mom surprised me with one of my own. It is so great. Truly can be wore like 70 ways. Anyway, that is just my little encouragement that you should buy one!


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