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Thursday, November 5, 2009

this is from 2007.  that was awhile ago.  i had a thing where i'd try to write funny things the kids said (kids say the darndest things you know) in a journal.  the last entry was early 2009.  you can see how good i am at this.

anyway, in keeping with the spirit of lindsey and her architecture abilities (beds and the like), she made a paper and tape remote.  like a remote control for a TV.  she was probably plain sick and tired of the fact that her dainty little girl fingers never came in contact with the real remote.  she's the only girl you know, and she's the youngest.  she has 3 older brothers to compete with.  who do you think wins?

so... she uses her imagination.

it went like this.

showing me her paper remote, "it's only for girl's.  it's a girl's remote.  it recognizes clean girl hands."

and later.  "mom, come into my room and we're going to watch a kids and mom oprah."

and in the spirit of christmas...  (it's early, i know... but i was listening to nutcracker yesterday and now i'm feeling festive)

ring that i have and love.  maybe you'd love it too.


  1. so excited that you are back to blogging again!

  2. love everything james avery... and so super sad they don't have one close to us in KY... going through JA withdraws.


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