my sweet man

Sunday, November 8, 2009

this was taken only an hour or so before this guy proposed to me.  he did it in switzerland--that got him a lot of points.  

look how happy he looks!  can you blame him?  if for nothing else, marrying me would put an end to the monday/wednesday/friday frozen pizza nights... tuesday/thursday spaghetti nights, and saturday/sunday hot dogs.  and he'd have some help with all that damn laundry!  not to mention, these people hadn't eaten real vegetables, unless you count tomato sauce, in ages.  imagine the state of their bowels.  i shudder to think of it.  

i'd like to think he was happy for more reasons than that though.

three years later, i love him more. and here's one reason why:

we have so many inside jokes that keep us giggling a lot of the day.  not all day every day, but a lot.

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  1. this made me smile, especially the bowels part. only true love makes you conncerned about someone's innards:)--linds


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