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Monday, October 26, 2009

you might've noticed (though, even suggesting what i'm about to suggest implies that you're interested enough in my blog to have noticed... carefully check every facet of it... read it with a fine-toothed comb... are there any of you out there?  anyone?) that my title keeps changing.  not my title--i am still a woman, a mrs., a stepmom, friend, and daughter.  but THE title.  the hunt life, tales of me and the husband, and... the one that will be no longer... "and those other people we live with."

those other people:

yes, that's them.  that's "those people."  see, the thing is, my funny, funny husband sometimes refers to the kids this way.  it's very tongue and cheek, you see.  for instance...

simultaneous conversation, sometimes.  literally.  all.  at.  once.
"mom, can you make me a sandwich?"
"dad, where's the lunchmeat?"
"mom, jordan's hitting me."
barking dog.
"nathaniel, give me back the remote!"
"gracie is biting me!"
crying child.
"dad, can i have $20?"

        then... in a brief moment of humor, steve turns to me and says:
"those people are at it again."

so, that is where "those people" came from.  but, i realized, that for those who don't know me well, or even for those who do, the implications of the stepmom referring to them this way could be negative.  you know how it goes, the evil stepmom routine, cinderella, etc.  so, they are no longer "those people" (as far as a blog title goes) but, now you've got the backstory.

again, this is to suggest you even noticed or cared enough to wonder, why the change?

and heaven forbid you think i've got my head in the clouds, i do realize that blogging is, in and of itself, a narcissistic activity.  i'm writing, publicly, assuming someone loves me and my husband and those people enough to entertain the thought of thinking about thinking about the click-and-read.

whew.  heaven forbid.

love to you all on this bright monday morning.

fyi: i may not have bore "those people" but i do love them.  would i be here if i didn't?

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